Your pet's full service salon

Sudsy Puppy offers a variety of services which can be combined as a full groom or provided in any combination. For a full groom, the process consists of:

Initial Consultation

As you and your pet arrive at Sudsy Puppy, you are greeted with a smile as you and the groomer discuss the style cut you are wanting for your pet. If unsure, the groomer may suggest a style suitable for your pet.


Your pet is bathed in warm water with a shampoo best suited for your pet's needs.

Dry & Brush

Your pet is dried using an electric dryer with set to warm with cool air blasts. Your pet is brushed again to remove any tangles.


Your pet is trimmed in the style discussed in the initial consultation by using either a clipper cut or scissor cut.

Ears Cleaned & Nails Clipped

Your pet's ears are cleaned and excess hair is removed. Nails are clipped using hand clippers.

Final Brush & Bow or Scarf

Prior to being picked up, your pet is brushed again and fitted with either a bow or scarf.

Post Groom Consultation

When you arrive to pick up your pet, the groomer will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as dry skin, rashes, hot spots, fleas, etc.